Because Hope+Change doesn’t always equal Acceptance

I am twenty-two years old. I am female. I have a girlfriend. I would consider myself to be somewhat of a political activist.

If the above was all you knew about me, you would likely assume that I have a “Hope and Change” bumper sticker on the back of my car as well. Democrats appeal to young people, love women, and march in Pride parades. They’re inclusive. They’re tolerant. They offer the hope and change that we all so desperately want and need.

Unless you disagree with them.

Earlier tonight, a friend of mine retweeted a statement that read:

“Whenever I hear of LGBT people voting Republican, I think of the pig wearing a chefs hat on the sign for a barbecue place.”

I’m a conservative activist and I’m gay. I’m no stranger to good political banter and a few close-minded statements from those who I expected to welcome me (along with my sexual orientation and political affiliation) with open arms. But I can honestly say that there are few things I hate more than the hypocrisy of love and acceptance mixed with the qualifying measure of a liberal agenda.

The woman who wrote the above tweet is an author, a New York Times op-ed writer and is the co-chair of GLAAD’s National Board of Directors. Based on her Twitter bio, she also has two dogs, two sons, one transgender marriage, and zero tolerance for members of the LGBT community who aren’t single-issue voters.

When it comes to gay marriage, Republicans (at least the majority of them) are wrong. But then again, none of us needed to be told that because the left reminds us of it every day.

When it comes to the gay community, Democrats manage to celebrate marriage equality while simultaneously referring to their right-leaning brothers and sisters as pigs attempting to serve barbecue.

While you’ll certainly never see the bumper sticker on my car, I’m all for hope and change. But you’ll have to excuse me if I decide I won’t find it in a party or community that celebrates an individual’s inability to think for his or herself and promotes a “one-size fits all” Pride flag.


Disclaimer: I do not wish to classify all liberals and marriage equality advocates as individuals who have not supported me in both my sexual orientation and my political career.  I am extremely blessed to have several liberal friends who were very influential in helping me keep my sanity during a very rough coming out period with my immediate family.  Although skeptical, they have been more than supportive of my political activism and I love them dearly.  I also would like to reiterate the fact that not all conservatives hate the LGBT community and that I have been blessed with many of their continued love and support since coming out.  These individuals are my friends, my family, and my confidants. My love for them (and their love for me) is not determined or affected by any political affiliation.


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